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Office: 120-1 Alcott PL Bronx, NY 10475 | Tel: 718-379-8029


1968-1976 Undergraduate
Brooklyn College BA
Cum Laude September 68-76

1972-1976 Postgraduate
SUNY State College of Optometry
Doctor of Optometry September. 72-May 76

1976-1978 Masters Graduate Program
1978, 1994 Certified in Low Vision New York State
2004 Passed board certification


  • Clinical Instructor, SUNY State College of Optometry September, 1976
  • Assistant Clinical Professor SUNY State College of Optometry September, 1978
  • Assistant Professor SUNY State College of Optometry November 1978
  • Assistant Clinical Professor SUNY State College of Optometry September, 1980

Clinical Responsibilities experience at SUNY:

  • Ocular Disease General Clinic
  • Ocular Disease Retinal Clinic
  • Ocular Disease Glaucoma Clinic
  • Multi-handicapped Clinic
  • Angiography fundus
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Fundus Photography
  • Teaching
  • FormerLow Vision Consultant Center for Independent Living [CIL]
  • FormerLow Vision Consultant New York Institute For the Education of the Blind
  • Former Staff Optometrist Union Health Center April 1978-1981
  • Former Staff Optometrist Health Insurance Plan of Greater NY 1981-Present
  • Consultant DR Dankner
  • FormerStaff Optometrist Hebrew Hospital
  • Former CO-chief of Ocular Disease

Certification and Licensure

New York 1976

Professional Affiliations

  • Beta Sigma Kappa Society 1976
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry 1981
  • Alumni Association 1976


  • Valedictorian Class of 1976
  • William Feinbloom Low Vision Award
  • Ester Werner Award
  • Beta Sigma Kappa Silver Metal
  • Who’s Who in American Colleges 1973,1974
  • Nominated for Who’s Who in America 1991

Continuing Education

At least 25 hours per year

Teaching and Lecturing

  • Vision Expo 3/7/97 Advance BIO Hands on work shop Assistant Instructor
  • Vision Expo 3/96 Lecture on Ocular disease & Low Vision
  • VISIO EXPO Lecture on low Vision and New techniques in Optometry 4/95
  • Coordinator and Lecturer for Southern College of Optometry Ocular Disease Interns Summer 1976,1977
  • Special OD Program at SUNY Fall 1976
  • Tonometry, Fields, Gonioscopy and Differential Fundus Diagnosis
  • Virginia Optometrist CE lectures at Suny Four weeks for 15 hours per weekend Nov 1977 Dec. 1977, April 1978 and May 1978
  • Continuing Education Lectures to Mammoth, County Optometric Society 11/27/78, 1/15/79, 3/5/79 on Ocular Disease
  • Lecture at Vision Expo March 1980 on Retinal Manifestations of Systemic Disease.
  • Georgia Optometrist CE lectures on DPAs at SUNY
  • Conducted lectures and clinical seminars Aug. 80
  • Continuing Education-Gonioscopy 1/11,18/82 given at SUNY
  • Retina 1 2/10/82 SUNY
  • Smugglers Notch 1/12/84 Evaluation of the Ocular Fundus
  • Lecture on Computers and Optometry Senior Seminar 95-96
  • Lecture on Goldman Visual Field Professional Class 4/20/95
  • Senior seminar lecture “Computers in Optometry” 92-95
  • Lecture Second year Class May 78-The Red Eye, Aseptic techniques and Herpes Virus
  • Panel discussion on State Board examinations [fourth year students] May 78
  • Pharmacology Lectures on Mydriatics and Cyclopegics as part of the Pharmacology course May 1978-93
  • Course-Glaucoma Detection Spring 1981-
  • Pharmacology Lectures on Ocular Diagnostics in the Pharmacology Course April 81-93


Lecture during Faculty Development January, 1982 on Ocular Disease on Anterior Chamber Assessment


Lecture to PS 163 Bronx NY 10/24/79, 12/12/79 on Vision and Learning

Lecture NY Institute for The Education of the Blind 5/27/81 to child care workers

Participated in several Glaucoma Epidemiology workshops May 86, 87+

Representative of SUNY Low Vision at “Showcase of Programs and Services for Older New Yorkers” at Lenox Hill Hospital June 25,78


“Modification of the Welch Allen Opthalmoscope” j of the AOA 76

“Atypical Retrobulbar Neuritis” Clinical Rounds Review of Optomety Sept.78

“Fluorescein Angiography” J AOA

“An embedded contact lenses Masquerading as a mass” A case in point . Richter, Sherman, Horn and Zaleznick JAOA March 79

“A survey of IOP’s with emphasis on patients under 10 years of age” Horn ,Richter Bergnoff AJO and Physiologic Optics Vol. 56

“Diabetic Retinopathy: A Review” Optometric Monthly Nov. 83 Horn et al.

“Reliability of Fixation Disparity” Cooper, Feldman Horn American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics

“Electrophysiological assessment of visual deficit in glaucoma” Applied Optics April 15 87 Sutija,Eiden,Wicker,Horn,Cooper,Appelman

“Trauma to the Ciliary Body Inducing Asymmetric Adds” Review of Optometry 82

“Bilateral telescopic management for CACD” Review of Optometry Oct 83 et al.


Chilton’s Review of Optometry-Ocular Disease referee 78-81

American Optometric Association Journal- Ocular Disease referee 78-81


“ Special testing procedures for Presurgical determination of visual function” AAO Sherman , Richter, Panariello, Lieberman, Horn DEC 78

“Reliability of fixation Disparity Curves in normal subjects” AAO DEC 78 Horn, Cooper, Feldman et al

“Evaluation of Low Vision Aphakic Children in a Residential school setting” AAO DEC 78 et al

“ Oral Fluorescein Angiography” AAO Sherman Horn Yellen DEC 80

“A Comparison of the new tonometer to the Goldman” approx. Sept. 84 American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics Barron, Horn

“Inter-observer Reliability of the Optic Nerve cup/disc Ratio” aao DEC 84 London,Eiden,Cooper, Horn

“A Comparison of the Prevalence of Anisocoria Under High levels and Low levels of Illumination” AAO DEC 84 Richter, Horn,Laifer

“Unilateral Quadrantanopsia as a Manifestation of Aneurism Formation” poster AAO Richter, Innes, Landsman,Horn DEC

“A Mid chamber Presentation of Axenfeld’s Syndrome” DEC paper AAO Richter, Innes, Landsman,Horn DEC

“Veps in Glaucoma” ARVO Sarasota, FLA. 85 Sutja, Eiden, Cooper, Horn, Appleman

“Electrophsiological assessment of visual deficit in glaucoma”

Second Topical Meeting on Noninvasive Assessment of the Visual System, Opt Soc. of Amer., Monterey Ca 86 Sutija , Eiden, Cooper,Horn, Appelman,Wicker

“Effect of Mean Luminance on Electrophysiologic Assessment of Visual Deficit in Glaucoma” paper ARVO 88 Zhang,Sutija,Horn,Applemen

“A 3-d View of field change with decrease in mean luminance for control, ocular hypertensive and glaucoma patients.” ARVO An Meeting Sarasota, Fl 90 Sutija,Zhang,Chin,Horn,Appleman,Thimons

“Effect of decrease in mean luminance on spatiotemporal processing in glaucoma measured by VEPs” ARVO Meeting Fla. 90 Sutija,Zhang, Horn,Appleman

“Erg assessment of the visual deficit in glaucoma” ARVO Meeting Fla. 90 Sutija,Zhang, Horn,Appleman


  • Practice Plan Committee 83-85
  • CPQ alternate member 80 84
  • Graduate Committee 76-81
  • Quality Assurance Committee Ocular Disease 1993-Present
  • Councilman Alpine, NJ 1994-1995

Member of the Planning Board Alpine, Nj 1994-1995

Special Activities

  • Glaucoma Screenings Coop City 82
  • Glaucoma Screenings Lions Club 76
  • Radio Appearance WWDJ 3/76 speaking about Geriatric Vision
  • Sign Language Ability

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